Agreed to cooperate on improving speed and reducing the workload of registration services

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Agreed to cooperate on improving speed and reducing the workload of registration services

From May 1, 2022, the Personal privacy law and the Law on Digital Signature will be followed, and the revision of the Law on Digital Signature was finally approved by the Joint Conference of the State Great Khural on December 17, 2021. From 1st of May, the work of issuing digital signatures to every citizen who has reached the age of 16 through all units of the State Registration Agency in territorial units, capital, sums, districts, and a couple of related tasks are being planned and implemented.

Within the framework of the implementation of the clause "Expand the digital service of state registration" included in the action plan of the Government of Mongolia for 2020-2024, General Registration Agency provides 22 types of references and 50 types of services through the Integrated System of State Digital Services / with the support of the Smart Government Project.

Therefore self-service machines (Kiosk) have been introduced, so the citizens are able to receive the state services when they perform the personal data information by using the Kiosks, which means that citizens no longer need to get services from the registration officers, such as numbering and filing materials at the registration unit.

Today, more than 1,600,000 citizens are living in the capital city, and state registration services are provided through 9 districts, 6 integrated service centers of the capital, and 172 khoroos, which take up space for more than 70% of state services. The role of the state registration agency in the decentralization of public services is significant, and digitalization of registration services will be the beginning of works such as increasing the productivity of the government, bringing it closer to citizens, balancing the workload of employees, and improving the quality of government services.

The officials including D.Sumyabazar Mayor of Ulaanbaatar and Governor of the Capital City, O.Chinzorig Head of Digital development and Information technology authority of Capital city, the governors of 9 districts of the capital and other officials worked in the General Authority for State registration today /2022.04.05/.

The guests were received by the D. Delgersaikhan chairman of GASR, G.Atarmaa vice chairman and heads of other departments, and the civil document factory, server control room, activity of Unified State Registration Directory 1800-1890 located in the Information Technology Center and as well as the State Register e-service center, archival documents exhibition, and archive building were introduced.

Also, on this occasion, the chairman of GASR D. Delgersaikhan, expressed his gratitude to the guests who came while informing the guests about the functions of the State Registration Agency and the tasks to be carried out, as well as the functions of the State Registration in the context of the implementation of the law on digital signatures, under the topic of  "Current situation of the State Registration Agency and digital transition". "During the 81-year history, there has never been a case where the city mayor and district governors have come to the General Authority for State Registration. At today's meeting, many valuable ideas and initiatives were brought up and solutions were discussed. Many issues were discussed, such as balancing the workload of the employees of the State Registration Agency, providing state registration services via electronic /e-mongolia, smart machines/, the use of portable equipment for the purpose of visiting and serving the target group, the elderly and people with disabilities, the use of shared databases, and information exchanges etc. I believe that our cooperation will be successful and there will be some changes in the legal environment. We will be glad to work together to do things that are beneficial to our society and citizens, and to unite our goals and work together on the digital transition” he said.

D.Sumyabazar, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar and Governor of the Capital City, expressed his gratitude for receiving and delivering information and said “Coordination between government institutions is very important for making citizens live in a healthy, safe, corruption-free and bureaucracy-free society. Specially, In order for Ulaanbaatar city to take the lead in e-policy, e-development initiated by the Prime Minister of Mongolia, we need to work as one organization, and work according to a detailed plan with closer cooperation with the state registration agency, will lead us to the success. Digital transition is the main factor for speedy delivery of government services to citizens, reduction of bureaucracy and corruption”. Within the work above, Head of Digital development and Information technology authority of Capital city O.Chinzorig, was instructed to pay special attention to the urgent implementation of relevant works. Also "I am confident that our cooperation will bring development and glad to express our cooperation in all aspects to ensure the implementation of the digital development package law and provide government services to citizens, including state registration services, without delay." he said.

The district governors also said that they will pay special attention to the social problems of state registration officers, and they will work together to place smart machines in each district and solve the problems in the near future.

Within the framework of digital governance, the two sides agreed that the introduction of one-stop services and smart systems in districts and khoroos with a large population concentration is important for  the economy and reducing traffic congestion in the big city, and exchanged opinions on many other issues and resolved certain issues.




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