General Authority for State Registration: "State registration services of rights related to mortgage agreement will be provided digitally"

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General Authority for State Registration:

Within the cooperation between the public and private sector, the General Authority for State Registration and "Golomt" Bank jointly introduced a new technology, online EPRS system that saves time of citizens and customers. D. Delgersaikhan, the Chairman of the General Authority for State Registration, B. Ariunbold Head of Property Rights State registration department , and M. Sainbileg, director of information technology division of "Golomt" bank, gave detailed information to journalists about this easy registration system.

The parties will jointly solve the problems related to the registration of real estate mortgage loan agreements for citizens and legal entities based on technological solutions.

For example, when a citizen or legal entity gets a loan from a bank or financial institution by pledging their own real estate, they get a reference about their property from the registration authority then go to the bank to sign the agreement, have it notarized, hand it over to the registration authority, then take the registered agreement from the registration authority and deliver it to the bank after a certain period of time or within 3 working days. Meanwhile, citizens and legal entities had to come to the State Registration Authority repeatedly to receive registration services.

Then, in order to facilitate and provide untroubled service to citizens, we have cooperated with Golomt Bank and the software development company to provide digital services for mortgage loan or  registration of mortgage agreement and termination of mortgage agreement services which is a type of state registration service related to the property rights state registration and implementing develop the online EPRS system related to the electronic registration of these records.

With the introduction of the Online EPRS system, the bank employee will be able to send the documents including registration of mortgage loan agreement signed between the bank and the customer (citizen, legal entity), request for termination of the mortgage agreement, and relevant evidence to the state registration authority through a shared database electronically. And an authority will receive and verify the documents, and will be notified to citizens and legal entities about registered in the state registration of rights. In this way, the bank will give the loan to the customer.

In this way, by electronically registering the registration and termination of the mortgage agreement in the state registry of rights through a shared database, citizens no longer need to go to the bank and the registration authority 2-3 times in personally and it is important to save time and money, and provide government services quickly and untroubled.

We are planning to cooperate with other banks and financial institutions in this field in the future.

In addition, as of 2021, a total of 463,549 registration services have been provided to citizens and legal entities in the field of state registration of property rights. It includes:

  • First registration of real estate ownership rights - 58102 or 12.5% ​​of the total registration
  • Registration of ownership transfer - 90883 or 19.6%
  • Amendments for the registration - 16378 or 3.5%
  • Other agreements, references, copies, closing profiles - 12055 or 2.6%
  • Regarding mortgage agreements - 286,131 or 61.8% of all registrations.

From the above records relating to the mortgage agreement

  • 150,099 new mortgage agreement registrations or 32.3% of total registrations, 52.5% of mortgage registrations.
  • 15,095 registrations of amendments for mortgage agreements or 3.2% of total registrations and 5.3% of mortgage registrations
  • 120,522 registrations for the termination of mortgage agreement or 25.9% of the total registrations, and 42.2% of the mortgage registrations, respectively.

On average, about 37,300 registrations of the property rights state registration are made per month, of which 20,870 registrations related to mortgage agreements are registered.

Of these, 10,657 mortgage agreement registrations, 1,109 mortgage agreement amendment registrations, and 9,064 mortgage agreement termination registrations were registered.


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